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In your first session, our experienced coaches will ask a series of questions and guide you through a body assessment followed by a full InBody body scan and review of the results.


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After reviewing your results and receiving a customized training program specifically designed for you, your fitness journey will be ready to get started! 

Why do I need it?

The importance of the assessment.

A free assessment at Pure Function Fitness is a crucial step in developing a personalized training program that is tailored to your individual needs and goals. It allows us to identify any limitations and design a program that addresses these issues, ensuring that you achieve your goals in a safe and effective way.

Educate Yourself

We are all designed differently as humans from bones, joints, and structure, to the way we move. A fitness assessment will give you insight into your unique body and how it wants, likes, and can move.

Custom Training Programs

Different bodies and structures require different and tailored fitness programs that can best serve each individual. An Assessment will give trainers the ability to learn about your unique structure and body for designing and creating the best program that works specifically for you! 

Learn Your Body

An assessment gives us the opportunity to learn about the roots of your aches and pains and design a corrective exercise strategy that addresses any possible muscle imbalances that are causing them. we believe the main reason for the pain we experience these days starts with muscle imbalances and the length of tension of some muscle groups.

Thorough assessment = Successful fitness.

We truly believe the starting point of every fitness journey is a thorough fitness assessment. An assessment will give both you and your trainer the opportunity to learn about your current fitness level and find the cause and roots of any aches and pains along with any possible muscle imbalances that are affecting your daily movement and postural alignment. The gained knowledge from your assessment will give us the opportunity to create a  training program that is customized and caters to your needs. A training program can only be successful if the foundation of it has been set up correctly.  

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